Electric Meter Reading Handbook Second Edition
Automatic Meter Reading Updates
An electric meter reading handbook is now available for the training of  meter reading professionals. The
handbook should be utilized by apprentice linemen, linemen, utility managers, meter readers, billing clerks,
meter coordinators and any person responsible for the correct billing of utility customers. An excellent
meter reader training manual.
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About The Author:
Having 35years of generation, meter technology and mentoring experience, Mr. Johnson
has developed a productive method to reading meters emphasized with safety
Mr. Johnson makes recommendations after reviewing the usage history of generation,
industrial, commercial and residential meter readings for meter replacement or possible
misread meters.
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“The Electric Meter Reading Handbook
authored by Virgil Johnson does an excellent
job of explaining how to read revenue meters.  
The manner in which his graphics are done
support the text make it very easy to
understand how to read the various types of
meters.  The book has some excellent
information on meter safety, energy diversion
and typical metering problems that are
encountered.  The practice problems are very
effective at building skills.  We recommend this
book to our apprentice lineman trainees as
supplemental training and also recommend it to
any students considering becoming meter

Alan Drew

Vice President, Northwest Lineman
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Recently, I had an opportunity to review
Virgil Johnson’s Electric Meter Reading
This first edition publication contains
topics that address both practical information
regarding meter equipment and the occupational
hazards of meter reading.
It has been my experience that much of the
information meter reading employees need to do
the job properly has been absent from the work
place. This handbook describes the proper
reading methods for demand and non-demand
meters, as well as the impact that errors have on
the billing function. This information will be
valuable in the training of new employees, and
will serve as an excellent refresher course for
more experienced meter readers.

The occupational hazard section focuses on
animal control and personal equipment to deal
with environmental elements. Safety is a problem
in most meter reading organizations, and this
information may save a life! Too many utility
safety programs are designed for the electrical
hazards of line work and do not cover meter
reading specifically. I am pleased to see a
comprehensive approach to heighten the aware-
ness of safety for meter reading and I believe this
handbook will be a valuable part of the utility
industry’s efforts to improve meter reading
employee performance.

Reviewed by Ralph Kennedy – President,
Utility Meter Services Inc., USA

Meter Reading Verification Guide Great for
Billing Audits for Manual, AMR, AMI
and Smart Meters
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ISBN 0-9755301-5-1
Natural Gas Meter Reading  
Includes manual and automatic
meter reader training  
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Electric Meter
Reading Handbook
1st Edition CD
and color printed
handbook $149.99
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Table Of Contents                                    
Table Of Contents                            
About this Handbook                       
Introduction Meter Reading              
Automatic Meter Reading
How To Read a Meter
Difficult To Read Meters
Reading Cyclometer Meters
Reading Demand Meters
Demand Meters
Resetting Demand Meters
Reviewing Energy Usage
Reviewing Accounts After AMR Installation
Reviewing Accounts After AMR Installation
Meter Reading Safety
Meter Reading Safety
Training Around Live Conductors
Meter Reading Map and Door Tags
Unusual Meter Reading Problems
Unusual Meter Reading Problems
Reviewing Accounts After AMR Installation
AMR Verification
AMR Verification
Times To Read a Route
Times To Read a Route
Automatic Meter Reading
Meter Tampering Illegal Service Taps
4 Dial Meter Reading Practice
4 Dial Meter Reading Practice
4 Dial Meter Reading Practice
4 Dial Meter Reading Practice
5 Dial Meter Reading Practice
5 Dial Meter Reading Practice
5 Dial Meter Reading Practice
5 Dial Meter Reading Practice
5 Dial Meter Reading Practice
5 Dial Meter Reading Practice
5 Dial Meter Reading Practice
5 Dial Meter Reading Practice
5 Dial Meter Reading Practice
5 Dial Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reading Practice Test
Meter Reading Practice Test
Back Cover
Table Of Contents
ISBN  0-9755301-6-X
  • Contains information
    not available in any
    other technical
  • Could potentially
    save the utility
    thousands of dollars
    of lost revenue.
  • Much better
    customer service
    from improved utility
  • Includes instructions
    and a database to be
    used to help locate
    potential electric
    billing problems.
  • Includes a graphing
    program for load
    profile meters.
Key Features
Water Meter Reading Handbook
Includes manual and automatic
meter reader training
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Utility Meter Reader Training Manuals
Electric-Water-Gas AMR AMI Smart Meters
Meter Reader Jobs Training
Meter Reader Tests And  Books
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Public Utilities Meter Reading Guide An Introductory Course
Includes Manual And Automatic Meter Reader Training For
Water Gas and Electric Utilities
  • Great manual to study in preparation for a utility job interview and worth mentioning on a
    job interview.
  • A great introduction to meter reading.
  • Great for utilities with a combination of AMR, AMI, manual and smart meter reading
  • Also a great manual for key account clerical personnel.
  • Includes meter reading instructions for gas, water and electric
  • The manual will emphasize safety in meter reading.
  • The manual will provide digital photos for meter reading practice.
  • This handbook includes useful information about reviewing accounts on automatic and
    smart meter reading and the useful tips meter readers will need to know about AMR
    inspection programs.
Reviews 3
Copyright Page 4
Table Of Contents 5
Table Of Contents 6
About This Handbook 7
Introduction 8
Automatic Meter Reading 9
The Electric Meter Shop 10
The Water Meter Testing Shop 11
Reading The Various Types of Water Meters 12
Reading The Various Types of Water Meters 13
Reading The Various Types of Water Meters 14
Reading The Various Types of Water Meters 15
Reading The Various Types of Water Meters 16
Reading The Various Types of Water Meters 17
Reading The Various Types of Water Meters 18
How To Read a Dial Type Watt-Hour Meter 19
Difficult to Read Meters 20
Reading Cyclometer Electric Meters 21
Reading KWH Demand Meters 22
Automatic Meter Reading 23
Tampering With Meters and Illegal Service Taps 24
How To Read a Dial Type Gas Meter 25
Difficult To Read Gas Meters 26
Reading The Various Types of Gas Meters 27
Automatic Meter Reading 28
Residential Water Usage Patterns 29
Residential Electric Usage Patterns 30
Typical Utility Bill 31
Reviewing Energy Usage 32
Reviewing Water Usage 33
Reviewing Residential Water Accounts 34
Calculating Usage From Meter Readings 35
Meter Reading Safety 36
Useful Meter Reading Products 37
Meter Reading Maps and Door Tags 38
Confined Space Information 39
Training Around Live Conductors 40
Unusual Meter Reading Problems 41
Unusual Meter Reading Problems 42
Unusual Meter Reading Problems 43
Reviewing Accounts After AMR Installs 44
Reviewing Water Accounts 45
Automatic Meter Reading Verification 46
Automatic Meter Reading Verification 47
Times to Read a Route 48
Automatic Meter Reading 49
Reviewing Accounts 50
Meter Database 51
Summary 52
Water Meter Reading Practice 53
Water Meter Reading Practice 54
Water Meter Reading Practice 55
Water Meter Reading Practice 56
Electric Meter Reading Practice 57
Electric Meter Reading Practice 58
Electric Meter Reading Practice 59
Electric Meter Reading Practice 60
Electric Meter Reading Practice 61
Natural Gas Meter Reading Practice 62
Natural Gas Meter Reading Practice 63
Natural Gas Meter Reading Practice 64
Natural Gas Meter Reading Practice 65
Natural Gas Meter Reading Practice 66
Natural Gas Meter Reading Practice 67
Natural Gas Meter Reading Practice 68
Meter Reading Practice Test 69
Meter Reading Answers 70
Back Cover 71
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Projector Viewing
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