Automatic Meter Reading Updates Copyright 2007

Water Meter Reading Handbook 1st Edition with Automatic Meter Reading Updates

An water meter reading handbook is now available for the training of meter reading professionals. The handbook should be utilized by apprentice water operators, utility managers, meter readers, billing clerks, meter coordinators and any person responsible for the correct billing of utility customers. An excellent meter reader training manual. Includes meter reading instructions for the difficult to read dial type water meters. Includes a Water Meter Database which can be used to verify all installed meters are being billed. The database is capable of
maintaining inventory, keeping testing history, storing test results and linking photos of each type of meter.

Table Of Contents

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Table Of Contents
About This Handbook
Automatic Meter Reading
Basic Water System
Water Meter Testing Shop
Reading The Various Types of Meters
Residential Usage Graph
Reviewing Water Usage
Reviewing Residential Water Usage
Calculating Water Usage From Readings
Meter Reader Safety
Meter Reading Products
Confined Space Meter Reading
Meter Reader Appointments
Training Around Live Conductors
Meter Reading Maps and Door Tags
Unusual Meter Reading Problems
Reviewing Accounts after AMR Installation
Reviewing Accounts
AMR Verification
Times To Read a Route
Automatic Meter Reading
Using a Water Meter Database
Meter Reading Practice
Meter Reader Test
Test Answers
CD Instructions
Back Cover